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Thomas Blondet | Futureworld

album review by John Powell

Thomas Blonder | Futureworld

This debut album by DJ/producer Thomas Blondet is freaking awesome. His name as an artist may not inspire visions of world beat, heady dub, and Indian and Middle Eastern flare, but then again, this is 2014 and tides are shifting, genre boarders disappearing. Leave it to Thomas to make this change seamless.

Each of these 13 tracks pulses with curvy, sweaty drum n’ bass. He either pours in club beats or dub drops, finds the right strength of synth, and then goes from there, whether it’s the dancehall “Chan Ve” or the Bollywood fusion of “Curry Flava” (the album’s best song, by the way. It tears through the speakers with stunning production and electro romp). “Curry Flava” is also a fast tempo “get up” song, and he has a few “get down” songs. The Latin swoon “Un Amor” being the prime example of how to pull the sheets out.

Lovers of dub will definitely get their dosage; only Thomas has the skill to seal elements of roots dub into a wider scope. “Check One”, for instance, has counter rhythms and a rock steady bassline, but the sound overall is much more dance-friendly than anything King Tubby put out- at least when it comes to accessibility. This album is such a tin of melted wax that no one will question the integrity of it. Basically, if you like to groove, dance, or otherwise listen to music at all, Futureword is kind of captivating.

When he offers up tracks like “Dil Da Jani”, even if you don’t necessarily love Indian DJ music, Thomas smoothly peels it open so that it really feels more like a general dance song. This leads to the album’s best feature: stellar production. It sounds great on the stereo, earbuds, and in the car. No instrument receives less treatment than the others, and the rise and fall of the album from beginning to end keeps you interested and coming back.

If he keeps up the ingenuity and historical homage mix up, we can expect to see a lot more from Thomas Blondet. For now, Futureworld is stimulating.

Bottom line: DJ unleashes dance tracks with dub, dancehall, Bollywood, Balkan, and Arabian influences.


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