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Super Hi-Fi | We Will Begin Again

album review by John Powell

Super Hi-Fi | We Will Begin Again

The new track from NYC reggae super group Super Hi-Fi balances on the edge of surfer reggae- that highly affected guitar, slow groove, and wah wah’d, simple horn. “We Will Begin Again” oozes along a slow backbone, the bass full bodied.

Super Hi-Fi has pulled on the most old school sounds. Lots of whammy bar punctuates the rhythm, something out of a stoner movie, like two guys trying to break into a marijuana dispensary… or something along those lines.

At four minutes, the song dubs out, an instrumental able to lock in the groove. It has a slight build up, but not much of a release, and a bridge worthy of a solid listen, as the band breaks out of the cohesive jam and links up into a beautifully crafted conversation.

The dub side of this single has a similarly mixed bass, barely breaking away from the original in any regard, except massive overlaying of dub effects on the guitars. Prince Polo offers remix one, while remix two DJ Trainwreck starts with the guitars, instead of the bass. It is much more dubby than Polo’s offering, more interested in delay than any other affectation, relying on the slow tempo over the groove.

All three versions merit another success from the group containing members from Alex Asher from People's Champs, Ryan Snow of Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, Ezra Gale from Aphrodesia, Will Graefe from Rubblebucket, and Madhu Siddappa from Dub is a Weapon. Super Hi-Fi is all about collaboration and reverting to the sounds that originated the sequels that are their other bands.

Bottom line: Super group releases jammy, groovy, old school single. Booya.


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