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Serotheft | Serotheft

album review by John Powell

Serotheft | Serotheft

The livetronica quartet Serotheft has given us a free-for-download EP, but the content is relatively rich within the small number of songs. The whole album sounds like Phish blended with Lotus, both atmospheric and forward moving- all instrumental.

“Hue of Don” sets up this configuration, harkening back to the glory days of northeast jam music like Percy Hill and Strangefolk. The idea is to match guitar, bass, drums, and keys, layered and cohesive. Success. The jams are motivational and crisp. And they’re fun to dance to.

Of course, leave it up to a jam band like this to have their first song run seven minutes long. “Vanilla Buckets” is hardly shorter, but it’s just as fun, relying on a sick synth line. The guitar finds focus on a two-chord rotation and the bass and drums remain sparse for a bit. The synth carries us into the free flowing jam, which is very organic.

For electronic influence, Serotheft leans on the organic side overall. The album highlight, “Cavalcade”, coming off like early Lotus, only hits electronica in the thinnest way possible. Meanwhile, the closer, “Last Supper”, is a slow burning sonic trip that eventually rolls into a high speed chase of a jam, and allows the synth to elevate the sound immensely. Most of the songs change up their tempo and intensity enough to hold our interest.

As a burgeoning group, Serotheft’s EP is a bit low-fi and isn’t a life changing album, but it’s executed well, and is likely a springboard to growth within this fun and endearing genre. Everyone thought it wouldn’t last, but Seroftheft is one of the bands that’s keeping the sound fresh.

Bottom line: Destined to headline festivals, Serotheft make themselves known on this tasty EP.


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