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Made of Wood | The Chill/Funk Trip

album review by Kate Risi

Made of Wood | The Chill/ Funk Trip

Made of Wood’s new album is a one-man synthetic wonder. The Chill/ Funk Trip combines the seemingly un-combinable- through his use of keyboard, computer, Hofner, and various other instruments, Dan Waldman, the man behind the music, is able to do the almost impossible: create a continuous album in which no two sounds are alike.

The Chill/ Funk Trip sets off with “Are We Lost?”, a slow moving, 70’s inspired, keyboard and funk heavy song. At points, it sounds almost orchestra-esque, but the song quickly transforms into pure fun and funk.

“Fire Up the Sidewalk” takes on a similar attitude. Myriad sounds, organic and synthesized, combine to create a jazzy song that instills a sense of calm and produces an unexplainable wish to jump in a VW van and head to a festival.

“A Sleep and A Forgetting” is a smooth and melody-driven song that explores the softer side of synth. The deeper tones give the song a soothing quality, while staying true to the feeling of the album.

“Electric Funk Break for Addy” has most upbeat rhythm on the album. The organ and horn in the background make it fun and lighthearted while the bouncy beat makes it undeniably hard not to dance to.

The album slows down for a bit with “Simmer” and “Bluff”. “The Lantern of Embudo” keeps the mood mellow but adds melodies that give it an eastern-hemisphere vibe, taking the voyage to the other side of the globe.

The Chill/ Funk Trip finishes, and makes its way back home, with “Your Blown Future”, a jazz influenced song that’s smooth, relaxing and the perfect ending to the album.

Bottom line: A one-man synth band that would make any trip, whether funky or chill, more enjoyable.


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