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Justin Levinson | Take My Time

album review by John Powell

Justin Levinson | Take My Time

One of the most endearing qualities about Justin Levinson as a musician is his honesty, and also his modesty. On “Bid the Rest Goodbye” he sings, “Lauren, she’s so beautiful/ lashes on her eyes/ Amy, she loves animals/ Her whole house is a zoo.” Across the three songs on this EP, Justin’s country-tinged folk is the sincerest it’s ever been. He’s charming, witty, and too shy to let it empower his ego. Someone writing in this genre is always faced with going stale lyrically, but Justin doesn’t worry because he’s writing songs like a teenager scribbles in a notebook- still searching for Truth.

On “Give it One More Try” Justin enlists strings, very nicely arranged, accenting his acoustic guitar. More and more as Justin’s songwriting goes on, he has a solo Ben Folds sound to him- not the wry and pissed off Folds, but rather the heartfelt crooner. “My shrink says I’m a people pleaser,” Justin sings; “I’m really working hard on that.” The song is a about a man that lives by “If you love them, let them go,” but wants to check in with past lovers and make sure they’re okay. Who couldn’t love a man like that?

“Take My Time” is a pop-fueled slow ballad. “I go to sleep with anxieties,” Justin sings. He’s always heading forward, but not unconsciously. Justin sings about friends like they are the most important thing to him, so even a listener that doesn’t love his sound will respect and connect with Justin’s vision of the world. When the chorus kicks in, Justin shares how hard he works at slowing down and enjoying the details.

He’s not sad, not angry, but Justin is searching, and on this fun, quiet EP he continues to allow us to go with him on his fun, quiet path.

Bottom line: Three-song EP shows Justin growing as a songwriter while continuing his folk- country quest for Truth.



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