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Jerry Falzone | Liars Moon

album review by John Powell

Jerry Falzone | Liars Moon

For Liars Moon, Jerry Falzone trades in the tight pop sound of Just Before The Storm, for sweeping meditations, often sounding like Neil Young circa “Lotta Love”. For instance, the title track starts with, “Crystal rain on a cloudless night/ Driving south till I see some light.” Acoustic guitar is always complemented by sparkling electric lead, and drums and bass tie the songs together through subdued mood-setting. The keys really play a big role on Liars Moon, often stealing the show.

Some of the songs offer up inspired love songs. If Jerry can’t always create a unique rhyme scheme or metaphor (“It haunts me like a ghost”), he has bursting sincerity. On “If I Lost You” he swears, “Everybody dreams/ Everybody wants to learn to fly” with so much integrity that it feels fresh. And on one of the album’s best tracks, the closing “Her Love Lingers On”, he not only nails the dual acoustic guitar and shaker combo, but hushes, “She loves me for some forgotten reason,” later adding, “She’s seen me through my changes/ She never asks why.” The beautiful richness of the lyrics is accentuated by Jerry’s simple yet precise use of melody. An album couldn’t ask for a better way to end.

The album’s best track, however, is “Sunset On The Bay”, with it’s Springsteen keys and steady kick drum opener. Upbeat and swinging, Jerry avoids cliché by being true to the spirit of acoustic rock n’ roll. It just works. Especially when the group comes in for the chorus. The guitar riff is slick and Jerry admits, “Sometimes I feel the weight of the world/ crashing down on me/ We’re just another sunset on the bay.”

“Hell and High Water”, which appeared in its first incarnation on Off The North Coast, is revisited for Liars Moon with big forest sound, the strings adding texture and the guitar going muted for the verses. The indulgent seven and a half minute song wins your heart as it progresses and the drums come in.

Jerry’s working a niche of indie singer/songwriter staying true to rock n’ roll. He executes his album well, building up and streaming down. Liars Mooon wants to be corny, if only because the chord progressions and lyrical themes are nothing really new, but the songs are really freaking good and Jerry puts his heart into every minute.

Fans of acoustic Neil Young, and even John Denver, along with tight songwriters like Tom Petty, will eat this album up. He lives in western New York, but Jerry’s songs feel like a travelogue, testing sounds and creating stories. You’ll enjoy his sincerity.

Bottom line: Looser than Just Before The Storm, this album of acoustic rock is catchy and traditional without sounding stale. Jerry does it again.


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