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JADED | Dangerous EP

Album review by John Powell

JADED | Dangerous EP

“I like the way you wear your skirt and your sneakers,” is the first thing you hear from Chris Donahue on JADED's Dangerous EP. “You’d do anything to make me crazy,” and it’s clear these boys are doomed to sweat the small stuff. These eight songs nearly constitute a full album, all bred from the 90s vibe of pop punk punctuality; concise songs about small town problems made big in the eyes and heart of big punk fish in a little suburban pond. And it’s wonderful.

Those lines come from “My Turn Ons”, a snappy radio-ready rocker rich with hooks, tambourine, and heavy breathing. Its melody is great and the rhythm guitar, sliding in stealthily, creates levels. It follows classic song structure, but the lyrics are pretty great and the energy is on fire. It could easily be a teen’s summer anthem.

“Get Caught” starts with acoustic guitar. “I pull your jeans to the floor/you threw my shirt on the dash,” it goes, and then the band comes in, Timmy Wright’s sparse and low-end drumming style, Billy Wright’s hollow sounding bass, and a slue of guitar riffs, and excellent harmonies. The band is tight and communicates well with one another.

This is the standard for JADED, who take their genre seriously, not rocking out because they can and their amps go to 11, but rather viewing the power of punk music, how the raw energy and instrumental characteristics provide a frame for the pictures to shine brightly. It means they’re good at what they do.

For instance, the shimmery hook of “No One Else” and its propulsive start-stop chorus. It fills the speakers with pre-prom glitz. “Where do you want to go tonight?/’Cuz I could just stay here/and look into your eyes.” Okay, so it’s a bit campy, and it’s not poetry, but you wouldn’t put JADED on for quiet nights. It’s for windows down and singing along.

The only downfall is “Candy”, instrumentally there but comparing lust to candy has not only been done to death, but it was corny the first time around. “I’ll let you take a bite out of my heart,” it goes. The worst part about this song, however, is that it’s catchy enough to have you crave hearing it. Who needs that?

“Rock n’ Roll” is a holler to the good days driving around listening to the sounds that have no doubt influenced JADED now. “We didn’t care/we spent it all,” and it’s the freshest on an album that focuses too much on come ons and going out on dates.

Like I said, eight songs is a fulfilling EP, and Dangerous is classic stuff. For Vermonters, this group is from Rutland, so there’s New England and Green Mountain State pride in supporting them, but their sound is so friendly that they could be anyone’s go-to for Friday night getting-ready music.

Bottom line: These boys sound anything but jaded; in fact, despite desperate for romance, they sound refreshed and ready for more.


0 # Paul 2011-07-26 21:59
To access films of Jaded Live, type in the following as a youtube search.

Jaded Christoffer Donahue

That should do it. I want to thank Chris Donahue, Bill, Tim, and their new guitarist, Chris Hill, for allowing me to film these performances.

Thank you.
Rock on.


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