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Eccodek | Singing in Tongues

album review by John Powell

Eccodek | Speaking in Tongues

Eccodek’s Singing in Tongues is an interesting experiment in DJ music and West African sounds with vocals by Jah Youssouf. The album is overall a delight. The percussion patterns are deep and rich. The bass is always tight. The melodies interesting. Horns add flavor and the electronica liberties of sound effects makes for a bright set of songs.

“Village in Me” starts the album off. The fuzzy handclaps and staccato Malian rhythms are sensational. Dance to this or vibe to it at a low-key party. Regardless, it’s fun without being too glamorous. It just works really well. Likeminded, “In My Tribe” moves with precision, ruminating on a simple bass line and drum pattern. The build is done by soft synths and slowly rising vocals, but you’d still really want to dance to it.

Other songs twist out of classic electronica dance formation. “In Confidence” is very organic, hardly lifting beyond a quiet synth blast. “Singing in Tongues” gets jazzier, not quite thumping, either, but maxing out groove.

Turning out to be a mellow mix, Singing in Tongues is more rainy afternoon music than nightclub music. Weird enough with song structure and melody choices, Eccodek will satisfy the more tripped out listeners, and for those that enjoy good grooves, there’s plenty of that, too.

Bottom line: Electronica with West African influences, the album is relaxed and mellow, with sporadic bursts of dance floor glitz.


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