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Who is Katrin?

By Mia Pye

Katrin strides into Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge, hip and sexy, her tan, toned frame clad in tight designer jeans and halter-top. By all appearances Katrin has star appeal. Sexy, soulful and sweet, but mention music and whoaaaaaaa! As we start to discuss her new record, she explodes with enthusiasm. Who can blame her? Her star is definitely rising, and she’s on top of her game, getting ready to release Frail to Fearless, her 10-song, coming-of-age album produced and recorded by the famed Jerry Marotta at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, New York. This past year, Katrin has played and partied like a rock star. She opened for Chris Isaak, Joan Armatrading and Huey Lewis. She also went abroad and rocked out at The Sunset Jazz Club in Paris.

She grew up outside Boston in a musical household in Newton. She’s one of six siblings, none of which went on to pursue music. On the streets of Boston’s Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall, Katrin, born Katrin Roush, made a name for herself by performing to the outdoor masses. The song “Cobblestones” portrays Katrin’s life on these streets:


“So many more people will walk on by
So many more towers will pierce the skyline
For a nickel or a dime, a minute of your time
I’ll share my life with you”

Did you always know you were a performer?

Honestly, I’ve had to fight to save that part of myself from being annihilated by tradition. The biggest challenge in my life has been being a warrior for my art. Fighting against the institution I was raised in... I still doubt myself, but the more I come into my own fruition as a musician I know I’m doing what I was meant to do… It’s so exciting to now go, “Wow, this is paying off!” I’m definitely ready to gig more! I want my hands to hurt from playing guitar, not from dishwater hands!

What’s it like writing a song?

Having a solo writing experience is kind of like going to the movies or a restaurant alone. It's an intimate and sometimes lonely experience. I do it for myself, and to process my emotions. Having people listen and seeing their reaction is absolutely thrilling.


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