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We Said/They Said: Spiritual Rez & Dub is a Weapon

As they approach their big April 26th performance at The Middle East Downstairs in Boston, Spiritual Rez’ Van Gordon Martin and Toft Willingham, and Dave Hahn of Dub is a Weapon, answered some rapid-fire questions:

What are your favorite foods to eat when traveling town to town?

Spiritual Rez: Fresh fruit and veggie; Cuban food; Indian food.

Dub is a Weapon: Dub Is A Weapon just loves to eat breakfast. If we can get a suggestion for a cozy diner/breakfast spot from the locals, we try to hit that up before driving to the next gig. There's just something really comforting about a hot cup of coffee and some good eats first thing in the morning.

Which venues stand out as really taking care of you?

Spiritual Rez: Venues thank rock! In particular, Pour House in Charleston, South Carolina; The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia; The Paradise Rock Club, Boston; Nectar’s and Higher Ground in Burlington.

Where’s the worst place you’ve ever stayed overnight for a gig?

Spiritual Rez: I slept on dog bed…

Which is your favorite effects pedal and why?

Dub is a Weapon: My current rig consists of an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb, a Boss PS-2 Digital Delay/Pitch Sh ifter, and a Line 6 Echo Park. The Holy Grail is a great reproduction of a spring reverb, plus it has flangey-reverb setting they call "Flerb" which sounds delicious when I dub out the snare drum. The Echo Park also does a great job of simulating an old-school tape delay, with the added bonus of a tap-tempo feature. The PS-2 is my old stand-by; I've had one since I was in high school, (don't ask how long ago that was). It is great for creating extra-trippie delay effects by manipulating the delay time while sound is coursing through it.

In what ways do you think horns add to your sound? How important is it to utilize their versatility?

Dub is a Weapon: Since we're an instrumental group, having a horn around is absolutely essential. These days the melodic statements of our music are produced by an electric guitar and tenor saxophone combination, a somewhat unique configuration that is one of our signatures. A lot of listeners ask me, "What is that harmonizer you're using on the sax?" without realizing that I'm playing the "harmony" on the guitar.

If you could add any musician from over the course of history to your line-up, who would you pick and why?

Spiritual Rez: All of Sun Ra's Solar Arkestra. "Space is indeed the place."

If this were a speed-dating website, and you were trying to snag a date, what would you say the three best characteristics are to describe you?

Spiritual Rez: Handsome, talented, never around.


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