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Uh Oh! Uh Huh Her Hit It Big | November 2011

by Mia Pye

Uh Huh Her, the indie pop duo from California, featuring former L Word star Leisha Hailey on vocals, keyboards and bass, and her girlfriend Camila Grey on Lead Vocals, keyboards and guitar are ramping up to rock the Paradise, Boston! I am thrilled to have been granted a pre-show backstage interview.

Uh Huh Her

Leisha Hailey sits calmly, cross-legged on the couch wearing a red and black flannel shirt and jeans. She smiles and nods as she continues fingering her bass while her edgy partner, Camila Grey, politely introduces herself. Leisha quickly states: “We don’t want to talk about Southwest.”

Camila seconds that: “Yeah, we don’t want to talk about Southwest.”

Noticing my look of confusion, Camila asks, “Do you even know what we’re referring to?” Although there’s something vaguely familiar about "Southwest," I don’t make the immediate connection and thus assure them I have no idea, and just want to talk about their music. This pleases them enough.

(The southwest reference is to an asinine incident that made national headlines just weeks prior to our meeting. “L- Word actress kicked off Southwest airlines for kissing girlfriend.” Sadly, that was the headline. Apparently, flight attendant caught Hailey giving Grey a small peck on the lips, approached the couple and said it was a “family airline and kissing was not ok.")

Uh Huh Her has a killer rap sheet. Leisha and Camila met in 2007 at a wedding and instantly clicked. Grey, newly split from the rock band Mellowdrone, had a ton of high-profile work experience, including playing bass and keys for Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes and Kelly Osbourne. She’s also a touring member of Adam Lambert’s live band. Leisha, who began her music career playing for The Murmers, played a lead role on the popular HBO series The L Word.

Following up their successful debut LP, Common Reaction, the girls from UHH have taken to touring with their new October release, Nocturnes, written mostly at night, “Inspired by the ‘darkness’ and the inner demons that you work out in your sleep.”

Nocturnes has since gone number one on iTunes’ dance/electronica charts.


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