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“Thinkin Bout You”: The new single by The Alchemystics marks the band’s next steps

article by John Powell

“Thinkin Bout You” is the new single by The Alchemystics, and it’s not like anything you’ve heard from them before. “We have all kinds of topics in our songs and, as the producer, I thought, why not try this out and see how it feels to us and the fans,” says drummer Demse Zullo.

The Alchemystics | Thinkin Bout You

The Alchemystics did the festival circuit this past summer, and tried the song out to find a great response. “Thinkin Bout You” has a more R&B, soul sound to it than the reggae/ funk/hip hop styles The Alchemystics are known for. Demse calls it a “respectful grown- folks, sexy-type tune,” with super sensual undertones. It still has the classic Alchemystic vibe, though, with roving synth and bass, and shared vocals by Ian I, Ras Jahn, and Force.

New bassist David Rivera is on board for the fall tour while the band continues to play across the northeast. Co-founder of The Aclhemystics and bass player Garrett Sawyer, left the band in the spring to pursue other musical endeavors. The band reemerged with new tunes, beginning recordings to the follow-up of 2011’s Spread Hope.

“Despite the challenges,” Demse says, “having come from a great summer, and with the winter off to write and record, plus new music ready to be released, there is a lot of positive momentum behind the group.” “Thinkin Bout You” is just one of the new delights from this super powered group. Find it online or catch it live this winter, and catch the new album in summer 2013.


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