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Symptomatic: Love in Stockholm’s Prescription for a Good Time

Photograph by Tim Monahan

Soulful, seductive, and rocking, Boston’s Love in Stockholm know how to have a good time. Their music, rich with horns, harmonies, and lead singer Charlie Rockwell’s incredible voice, is impossible to say no to. Whether they’re playing originals off their first full-length, A King’s Ransom, or having fun with covers like “Son a Preacherman” or “Lovely Rita”, the band goes the distance. Their recent show at Nectar’s lasted until closing. Beforehand, Charlie, drummer Jesse Humphrey, guitarist Brendan McBrien, keyboardist/trumpeter Evan Sanders, saxophonist Dave Carroll, and bassist Alex Staley sat around to talk about their lives off the stage.

Love In Stockholm at Nectar's

You’re based out of Boston?

Dave Carroll: We live in a house together, in Allston.

Alex Staley: A magical house.

Do you have other roommates?

All: Rachel. (Laughs)

Dave: She’s never come to see us.

Jesse Humphrey: I think she’s afraid that she’ll hate us and have to move out.

Dave: I’m afraid she’ll love it.

Jesse Humphrey | Love In Stockholm

Jesse: She told me that’s exactly what she’s afraid of.

Dave: She didn’t.

Jesse: She did. She said, “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

She must hear you practice there.

Evan Sanders: She does keep strange hours, but she’s had to overlap a couple times.

Alex: You know what it is? She probably heard us practice and knows she hates it. (Laughs)

Charlie Rockwell: She does all our laundry and cooks for us, so...

Alex: We also got Pat Species. He chills pretty hard, a great bass player. He puts me to shame.

Charlie: He drinks a gallon of coffee a day.

Alex: Loudest dude you ever met. He’s a tall, lanky guy.


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