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Spiritual Rez on tour and at Higher Ground on January 22nd, 2011

Let me put this as simply as possible: Go see Spiritual Rez live this winter.

On stage, Spiritual Rez seems to unlock their heartbeats and allow all their heartfelt energy to vacillate into the audience. Singer Toft Willingham might take his shirt off. Van Gordon Martin is bound to melt your face with a guitar solo, and the band, as a whole, will definitely surprise you with their ability to turn roots reggae into a full-on musical exploration. Maybe you thought you were having a good day, but Spiritual Rez leaves you on another level altogether.

To kick off their winter 2011 tour, Rez is playing their hometown in Boston at the House of Blues on Friday, January 21st. But on January 22nd, Rez is going to conquer Higher Ground in Burlington, VT.

For both shows, Rez is playing alongside John Brown’s Body, and that means one hell of a night.

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a copy of 2010’s self-released Nexus, and you’re pumped on the Boston-based sextet’s horn driven reggae explorations of good vibes and meditation. Nexus continues Spiritual Rez’s fun-loving riddims and conscious lyrics. They discuss ganja smoking (“Sippy”), Babylon (“Steve Got Arrested”), and good lovin’ (“Giving Her Love”). It’s serious reggae and it’s serious fun.

Check them out in a city near you.

Tour Schedule

House of Blues, Boston, MA Jan. 21nd
Higher Ground, Burlington, VT Jan. 22nd
Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, NY, Jan. 26th
Dinosaur BBQ, Troy, NY, Jan. 27th
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA, Jan. 28th
Sully’s Pub, Hartford, CT, Jan. 29th
Bob Marley Birthday Tribute @ Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, Feb. 3rd
Bob Marley Birthday Tribute @ Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, Feb. 4th


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