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Ponder Your World to Yonder

article by Rose Vallesio
photography by Jake Kurlander

The moment Yonder Mountain String Band strums their first chord, the crowd becomes a sea of cheerful free spirits, bouncing in a chipper atmosphere. As the members play with eyes closed, everyone in the venue feels happiness fill their hearts. Happy Yonder fans smiled and jumped as the fast-paced bluegrass spiraled off the stage.

Yonder Mountain String Band is the band to listen to when you’re feeling down. With their giddy upbeat pace, you can escape your monotonous day.

Jeff Austin is a sight to see. Onstage, you can see his joy, with his unique facial expressions as he plays mandolin faster and faster. Ben Kaufmann sets the beat with his skillful jam on bass, and his low voice gives soulful feel. Dave Johnston’s impossibly fast strumming on banjo gives Yonder’s sound a sentimental nudge- as Adam Aijala on the guitar keeps it joyful. Individually, the players are extremely talented. Together, they create magic.

Yonger Mountain String Band

The pivotal moment of the night with Yonder is when they played the nostalgic song"Dream". The purple lights silhouette the string players as the song beings. Once they hit the simple yet tender chorus, "All your dreams come true," the white streaks of light shine around Yonder.

It is as if the audience becomes children, staring at the starry night sky, in a field surrounded by family and friends, an optimistic world where dreams do come true.


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