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Mildred Moody at Parima's Supermoon Masquerade

The second song, “Apparently I’m Transparent”, is an original, written by Scott, and comes in with a softer start but picks up to get the crowd moving. The levels are a bit off in the room. Unfortunately, his singing is lost. Patrick McAndrew, dressed as an “audio visual hallucination” (in his own words), comes in with a deliciously clean toned guitar solo way up on the neck. The song makes a key change towards the end, exploring slight dissonance before resolving to a finish.

Parima's Supermoon Masquerade

The crowd in front of the stage thickens as the night progresses, and the venue reaches its max capacity of 200 people by 11:00. The red sun reflecting on the water in Gewel’s painting is now being painted over and reworked as a moon.

After the set, the DJ resumes his position at the soundboard for some transition time. Mildred Moody members merge with the crowd. Soon enough, Burlington’s pirate/gypsy punk band, Sai U Drom, takes the main stage. There’s something thespian about the nature of the band members. One musician dresses like Jesus, for instance.

Parima's Supermoon Masquerade

Out in Parima’s courtyard, several people gather for fresh air and conversation, cool off after rampant dancing. There is a perfect view of the magnificent “Supermoon” over the rooftop.

Later, Scott reports in. “It's turned into this beautiful cauldron of good people... poets, artists, musicians, healing artists, astro-tarot-medicine card readers... DJs... all in one spot, putting their bright being into throwing a party for the moon and the good people of Vermont. We dance all night and it's a fundraiser. On top of that, we all get to dress up in masks and wigs'n'shit... it's just fun. How could it not be?”

Mildred Moody Set List:

  • Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?
  • Apparently I’m Transparent
  • Better World
  • Night Time is the Right Time
  • Boogie on Reggae Woman
  • Melissa Matthews


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