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How Beats Antique Does It: We’ll never know

article by by John Powell
photography by Erika Colbertaldo

They may be called Beats Antique, but the sounds are super fresh. Lately, and with the release of Contraption Vol. II, the trio has integrated dubstep into their cool, tripped out acid-washed instrumental rock. The Middle Eastern flare remains heavy, and integrated are heavy drums, electro beats and synths, and growling bass tones.

Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel is the beast behind the drums. Poly rhythms trace organic kit play with synth bopping, and neither over the top. David Satori, on the other side of the stage, helms a computer of pre-conceived instrumentations, and transitions between banjo, fiddle, trumpet, and other instruments to add organic flavor.

The real show stopper, however, is Zoe Jakes, who at every live show belly dances. She’s sexy, feisty, and good at cojoling the audience into uproars, clapping along, and moving. She’ll sling a drum across her slender shoulders and add another layer of boom to the stage sonics. She’ll leave for the slow jams and reenter, bedecked in a series of costumes. She’s all show and frills, but she may be just what makes Beats Antique stand out above others in their field.

Beats Antique’s live show may be much smoke and mirrors (quite literally), but it’s no gimmick. It’s pure and true to the sound. The blend of old and new sounds is cosmic. Fans arrive at live shows dressed to impress Zoe, flaunting saris, headdresses, henna, and the like. The movement is endearing, as the music is blissful, and while you may hear their records and wonder how they could make a live show shimmer, but between the three of them, it’s like magic, with secrets never actually revealed.


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