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Having a Good Time | The Trevor Hall Phenomenon | November 2011

photography by Allison Senecal

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall has a slight fever, and faces the fact that Vermont is packed with leaf peepers, meaning he and his band did not find a hotel in the Green Mountain State, settling for the four hour drive to Boston. Still, he says, “You have a lovely state. We’re happy to be here.”

Two things have gotten Trevor to his new level of popularity. The first he can’t help, which is boyish good looks, a deep, resonating voice with an interesting way of singing. He’s made it to the radio, the alternative stations, and has therefore picked up many young fans, many of them female and most of them under the age of twenty. Secondly, however, Trevor’s put in his time, several albums deep, having toured with Matisyahu- a live performance master, and has since picked up Aaron Dugan on guitar. Aaron, who along with Dub Trio, turned Matisyahu’s live sound into an explosive mix of dub reggae and pop crossover. Now he and Trevor’s bassist and drummer have created a tighter live sound than Trevor has ever had before. He still plays acoustic, but now surrounded by heavier sounds he’s able to traverse his reggae’d out pop with rockier jams.

Despite the fever, Trevor holds his own. He’s talking less. He tends to banter with the audience. He answers their questions. He’s taken requests. He sounds stoned, but he’s not. He’s mellow and sober to boot. And tonight, as mentioned, he has a fever, and so he's bleary-eyed. While his newest album, Everything Everytime Everywhere is by far his poppiest set of tunes, it was his last, self-titled album that propelled him to where he is now, having started in the small room of Burlington's Higher Ground and moved to the larger room. The teenage girls are up front swooning. The adults that have found his sincerity to be powerful and pleasant, jive in the back.


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