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Good Show Old Boy: Good Old War at their finest

article and photography by Erika Colbertaldo

An hour before the show was to start, Good Old War’s Keith Goodwin stands at the merchandise table showing off their new shirts and greeting fans. Unfazed, a girl peruses the table and tells Keith, “We made the four and a half hour drive again!” From the start it was clear the band had a loyal following.

Opening for Good Old War was Zac Clark, a Burlington local promoting his first album, Young Volcanoes. Not only does the crowd love the music, they love the band’s support for cancer patients. A portion of every album sold will benefit Burlington’s Cancer Patient Support Program in remembrance of Zac’s mother who passed away. The Zac Clark Band leaves the stage to cheers.

As Good Old War climbs on stage, the crowd fills the room with appreciate and excite noise, each member dressed in a button down shirt and flaunting facial hair, the kind that causes certain ages of women to swoon. Formed in Philadelphia, the band’s name is a collaboration of the members’ last names, Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold. The band began after Days Away (former band of Keith and Tim) came to an end.

Good Old War

Throughout the show, the band plays songs from each of their three albums, no lyrics unfamiliar to the fans in the front. At slow ballads, such as one of the new favorites, “Amazing Eyes”, Tim stands from his drum set and the band dedicates the song to “the ladies.”

Certainly, the focused crowd enjoys the show, but it’s even more apparent how much the guys love being on stage. Keith’s slight resemblance to Charlie Day was only enhanced by his goofy dance moves that drove the crowd wild. Dan’s infectious happiness kept everyone’s spirits at an all time high. Tim’s megawatt smile made it obvious why a fan had driven so far to see them live. As if the band wasn’t already having enough fun on stage, Keith brings up Tim’s excellent rendition of Harry Belafonte and they broke out singing “Day-O”, encouraging the whole audience to sing along.

Good Old War’s set ends and they head backstage, leaving the crowd going hoarse for more. When they came out for the encore, Tim picks up the accordion, letting everyone know a favorite was about to be played. “My Own Sinking Ship” is exactly what the fans have been waiting for. After two more songs, they thank the audience and head back to the merchandise. As Dan puts it, their “dream” is to keep doing what they’re doing, and they’re humble enough to be aware that this dream is definitely shared with their fans.



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