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Fear Nuttin’: The Angelica interview part one: Chris Regan

A Fear Nuttin’ Band show is something of an anomaly, a bridge between hardcore and reggae, at times upbeat and at times metal and in your face. The group is made up of a hodgepodge of musicians that grew up on the various genres of music integrated into the sound. Chris Regan, guitarist and sort-of bandleader, although the band is very collective, has just played a show with Doctor Doom Orchestra and stepped out back for some fresh air. Although he plays furiously and looks from afar to be too metal to be approachable, like the music he plays, well beyond stereotypes, he grins and explains the recent changes to the Fear Nuttin’ Band.

Chris Regan | Fear Nuttin' Band

How long have you been together as a band?

Ten years. We met in July 2001 and played our first show in September, three days after September 11th. Our first show and nobody was there because nobody would leave their house, glued to the TV.

How’d you team up with the vocalists Prowla and Roosta?

Me, the bass player [Brian Daigle] and our old drummer, who left a year ago- we had this reggae/ska/metal/punk Fishbone-esque band. A friend of ours was like, “I know these Jamaican dudes. Maybe I should bring them by practice and you can work out a tune.” We were like, “Yeah, bring ‘em over.” We were jamming, doing some reggae, and looked at each other. “Let’s throw these guys a curveball and play some heavy riff and see if it scares them away.” We busted out and they started killing it. When the jam was over, we didn’t know that we could do that sound.

They left and the singer of our band at the time quit, right there after they left. “I kinda want to go back to school. You should try and start a band with them.” (Laughs) He wanted to quit but not leave us hanging without a singer. I called up Prowla and said, “Yo, my band broke up last night. Did you have fun jammin’? Wanna start a band and see what we can do with it?” He said, “Yeah, man,”- or, well, “Ya, mon.” (Laughs)

Move Positive | Fear Nuttin' Band

You wrote a lot of the new album (Move Positive) with people from SOJA.

We wrote “Rebel” and a song called “Standing by the wall” with Jake (Hemphill). He co- wrote and produced those. He was the go-to guy, what to do in the studio. He had specific ideas of what tones, sounds, and instrumentation, where to put it and when. Almost two years ago I sent him stuff. I was at a point… our drummer was leaving; we were having trouble getting shows… I was getting down on stuff. Jake was like, “The music’s too good. Send me stuff. What are you up to?” I had a whole bunch of demos. I sent him ten songs. He was like, “I love all of them, but for time’s sake, let’s start with two. I got them written.” We jumped on tour with them and worked on stuff in the back of the bus on acoustic guitars and an iPhone.

We relearned as a whole band how they’d go and then our drummer quit. Our new drummer we found on Youtube, but we weren’t sure if we were hiring him yet, so Jake had Bird, SOJA’s drummer, do those songs in the studio. He rocked those songs. He’s got that roots reggae style he added in, but he’s a metalhead too. A lot of people don’t know that.

You and Doctor Doom Orchestra are a tight group of friends.

[Pete Doom] hits me up on Facebook, says, “I got this band. I’ve seen your band open for John Brown’s Body, do you want to do shows?” And now these motherfuckers are starting to blow up. They’re running Boston. As soon as we heard them we thought they had something eclectic, adventurous, that speaks to us. There’s some reggae, some hip hop, rock...


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