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Everlast: An Anti-Hero Shows off a New Album

by Mia Pye
photography by Yat Hang Yu

Everlast kicked off his tour behind the new album, Songs For the Ungrateful Living, by playing a bitchin’ set to a room of devoted fans, all white blue collar looking men. Everlast, back and all business, is a rather intimidating looking character, appearing at the release as more mature (maybe because while he’s been out of the spotlight he’s taken on an additional role of a family man), no longer resembling the rap artist from the 90s. Regardless, he roared through his set.

Where’s he been? Clearly, reflecting and hibernating- writing and perfecting his music… and of course breaking in his awesome new, live band. He’s has more soul than you'd ever imagine, and he’s not afraid to sing it. Unlike many other chart-topping artists, Everlast conveys unique grit. Interestingly enough, the man never broke out in rap, making one think his rap days are over. Now his sound is powerful mix of blues-infused acoustic rock with old country.

The most amazing part of the show was when he played Johnny Cash’s masterpiece, “Folsom Prison Blues”, featuring a killer piano solo. Generally quiet between songs, Everlast did take a moment to praise the Occupy protesters, stating, “The Government needs to fear the People, not the other way around.” Easy enough for this beast of a musician who can sling words like weapons. We’re glad he’s back and we're glad we were there to see it.


0 # mihau 2012-01-06 11:24
nice, but wasnt this supposed to be an interview?
+1 # mia 2012-01-08 18:42
Part (2) interview to follow in another issue! Thank you for your interest and def stay tuned! :)



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