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Buru Style at Bishop’s Lounge

I’m inclined and ecstatic to share a new favorite band of mine, Buru Style, out of Middletown, CT. As the opener at The Raft’s show at The Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton, MA, Buru Style filled the small stage with keyboards, drums, hand percussion, guitar, bass, sax, sousaphone, trumpet, and trombone. Drummer Bill Carbone, a multi-instrumentalist who’s played with a bunch of great groups, including 10 ft. Ganja Plant, started the group this past year, and in that space of time they’ve developed a sincere report with each other, and their audience. Also, working with Toussaint the Liberator, Buru Style has already developed a following, and tour Western MA regularly.

As they say on their Facebook, “Buru Style’s roots may be in nyabingi and dub, but they are no reggae band.” While they certainly lay down amazing dub grooves, their specific mix of horns adds a New Orleans feel and their jams lend themselves to pfunk. On stage, they’re a blast to watch. Ian Coss, tall and skinny, leans over his guitar, Jamemurrell Stanley, a compact ball of energy, can barely be seen behind his djembes, and the horn line-up allows for scores of variation in their instrumentals. They’re joined that night by an incredible vocalist, adding Rasta lyrics and getting the crowd, up close and dancing their shirts into sponges, to move faster and cheer.

Bishop’s Lounge that night was a surreal dance club. It’s on the third floor of an otherwise inconspicuous building/restaurant on a side street, but as soon as Buru Style started their grooves, people from the surrounding colleges streamed in.

I highly recommend checking Buru Style out, whether you like funk, reggae, rock, and especially if you like to dance. Please request them in your town and let Angelica Music know what you think of this nine-piece magic show.


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