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Art Throughout the Airwaves with Papadosio

article & photography by Rose Vallesio

The moment Papadosio transcends the stage, an electric vibe radiates throughout the venue. It’s as if everyone shifts into a mellow bob of a dance, all as one. Their joyful stage presence and funky beats allow their fans to dance carefree. No wonder so many people crowd around in anticipation for the band to begin.

After becoming obsessed with their song “You as Yourself”, I am psyched when Papadosio graciously accepts an interview. Walking backstage into a room of the smiling faces of Sam Brouse, Billy Brouse, and Mike Healy, showed I was about to interview some cool, down-to-Earth individuals.

How did you guys gather as a band?

Sam Brouse: Well, we all met in Athens, Ohio, at this gathering party every Tuesday night called Open Jam. It's different from open mic. Open mic implies that there is usually one guy with an acoustic guitar, singing. It was started by a bunch of music instructors from OU campus/Hocking College. So I got there with my guitar and asked, “Can I play with you guys?”

I didn’t know how to play at all. They showed me the ropes. We were all younger initiates playing with these really skilled musicians. We started to do it about every week. It was probably a collective of 12-20 dudes a night. It was awesome.

Mike Healy: You came and we were all like, “Who’s this guy?” And then that night we jammed and we were like, “He’s awesome; I want to play with him so bad.” It was love at first strum.

Was it complete improv?

Sam: It was all improv. Every once in a while people would revert to jazz standards like “Watermelon Man” or “Chameleon”, pretty much once a night- all those classic songs that everyone knows. Every once in a while we would do the craziest stuff. And then we were like, “Man this would be cool as a band.” So we got together.

It says on your Facebook page that your mission is to combine eclectic musical traditions with modern electronica, to stir the heart, and fuel the mind. Can you elaborate on that?

Mike: I feel like from the very start there has always been this whole element of combining the organic rock and roll music that we were all so influenced by growing up, that we wanted to combine it with a new digital electronic sound. The game plan was meshing these two worlds together, creating a new, different kind of sound, most of our songs have several different kinds of elements that reach from different styles of music. We are really trying to fuel people with positive vibes about humanity, the Earth, and the environment. And at the same time bringing people together, raising that vibration of love in every room that we play. Hopefully, people can take away those vibes from our music.


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