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Alex Wernquest releases The Michael Bloomfield Story Part One: The Early Years


Michael Bloomfield Story Part One

From co-director and co-editor Alex Wernquest:

Some months ago, I got into contact with David Dann, owner of, in hopes that we could take a stab at documenting a small portion of the life of Michael Bloomfield. Bloomfield is far and away my favorite guitar player and has been an incredibly inspiring musical influence to me for many years. My original pitch to David was a 5 minute (or so) video chronicling Michael's time in New York City in the late 60's...obviously, the project quickly gained a broader scope.

With the help Nick Lerman, Wernquest set about collecting old footage and compiling it to chronicle Bloomfield’s time playing with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Bob Dylan, including the folk artist’s legendary Newport Folk Festival performance when he plugged in.

The result is a wonderful biography of a guitarist heavily influential in the sixties music movements, from Chicago to New York, Blues to Folk, and all the while one hundred percent about the music. is a non-profit dedicated totally to Bloomfield’s life and works, making people conscious of music heritage and now giving young artists like Wernquest and Lerman opportunities to share their talents. Thanks to David Dann for being part of the same movement Angelica-Music is all about.

Check out the documentary here.

Look out for part two, coming later this year.


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